Case Study: Grand Opening Success

November 16, 2011 9:27 am

A national retailer wanted to create a buzz in the mom market about the opening of their first store in Texas.  They engaged the creativity of BSM Media to find unique ways to create excitement in the community.

Results:  BSM Media found a local Veteran’s Day parade in which to involve the brand.  The retailer’s float showcased two local military moms as Hometown Heros.  The moms and their families were dressed in the retailers clothing.  Additionally, BSM Media enlisted the participation of a local dance school. Children dressed in the retailer’s clothing escorted the float and passed out Grand Opening coupons to moms along the parade route.

Ultimately the retailer has been able to continue their partnership with not only the dance school but also local momcentric organizations in the community. They continue to use these relationships for on-going local marketing .

The Grand Opening day surpassed any store traffic on the first day for the retailer.

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