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Case Study: MommyParties Goes Green

An all-natural skincare system created specifically for babies and kids was interested in reaching Moms with babies and young children who shared their natural and organic focus. Their main goal was to create a positive association for and awareness of their brand, so that it would stand out on retailer shelves.

The Brand’s Challenge: Locating the right influencers for their brand and coming up with a fun and interactive way to introduce them to the line of products.

BSM Media’s Solution:

  • BSM Media leveraged our relationships with mom influencers to recruit 100 “green” moms to host MommyParties, sponsored by the brand
  • Moms were provided with party kits to host at least 10 Moms at an in-home event, including product samples, themed/games activities, recipes and coupons to distribute to their guests

The Results:

  • 81% of those who attended the party reported intentions to purchase the brand’s products in the future
  • 96% of those who attended a party have visited the brand’s website
  • Through the parties, the brand was able to directly connect with 1,000+ like-minded moms
  • Post-party exposure through blog posts, Twitter and Facebook reached nearly 250,000 additional consumers