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2014 Presents A Year of New Social Media Conferences For Sponsors And Brands

There was a day in the not-too-distant past when sponsors had only a few choices for event sponsorship in the mom blogosphere. However, as the space has matured and grown, so have the conferences that serve the assorted interests and experience level of mom bloggers.  Before throwing your dollars at the same events you’ve been tapping, you may want to look at some of the exciting new options for 2014. 

Blended Conference
Date: Oct. 3-5

Location: Phoenix
Description: Blended Conference is the premier Arizona blogging conference where social media influencers gather for education and each other.  It’s a three-day event that attracts moms from all corners of Arizona and, now, from outside the state as well.
What I like: There’s a good reason that Toys “R” Us tests products in Arizona; there’s a lot of trends being set in the Grand Canyon State. The moms who attend this event are movers and shakers in social media and have a tight network. I’m so impressed by this group that I’m planning on attending. Hey, what’s not to love about expanding your knowledge of blogging in the humidity-free air of Arizona?

Type-A Parent Conference – Bootcamps
Date: July 12 or Sept. 19-21

Location: Anaheim, Calif. (Disneyland), or Atlanta
Description: One-day educational and networking events for the more experienced social media mom.
What I like: Type-A Parent Conference has always been my recommendation for brands looking to connect with top mom (and dad) bloggers.  Sponsorships are reasonable and give brands the opportunity to customize their participation in the conference. The atmosphere and size of the conference makes it an intimate event where sponsors can actually interact with bloggers throughout the weekend. Type-A founder and Bootcamp organizer Kelby Carr does a fantastic job in securing excellent speakers, and there’s nothing but a positive vibe from start to finish. If you are looking for an event to sponsor where you won’t get lost, Type-A is for you.  

Beaches’ Social Media on the Sand
Date: Oct. 16-19

Location: Turks and Caicos
Organizer: Beaches
Description: A weekend of social media education, focused on everything from advanced blogging to new trends in digital platforms. Over 100 top social media mom influencers will bring their families to experience the white sands of the Turks and Caicos within the confines of the beautiful Beaches Resort.   
What I like:  Sponsorships are reasonable and customized to the brand’s goals. Organizers are inviting brands to be a part of the conference agenda by creating interactive sessions and product demonstrations. Additionally, sponsorships include pre- and post-conference communication with the attendees. The best part about Social Media on the Sand? You can tell your boss you are going to the Turks and Caicos to work!

Date: Nov. 6-8

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Description: A three-day, hands-on and in-depth conference filled with workshops with leaders in their fields; advanced topics that take you to the next level in terms of content and relationship building.  Although the topics are focused on women of color, the audience is a diversified group of influencers. It’s one of my favorites and super fun after the sun goes down and the learning formally ends.
What I like: Let’s start with the organizer, Stacey Ferguson. She does a great job working with brands and connecting them to women of color who attend her conference.