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3 Tips For A Different Back-To-School Season

It’s May, a time of year when moms are looking forward to the end of school, the start of summer and a more relaxed schedule. Back to school is typically not a topic of conversation with moms at this time of year. However, May is a very different story for the moms of more than 3.2 million high school students who have graduated or will graduate over the next couple of weeks. Brands that target moms of college students and their GenZ co-eds have a valuable opportunity to tap into this enthusiastic consumer segment through BSM Media programs like Social Spotters, video product reviews and much more. Brands with college-worthy products available on Amazon can amplify exposure through BSM Media’s exclusive video review program on Amazon.

Around the halls of BSM Media, we call the opportunity Back to College and it begins on May 1st, the day that most colleges and universities require a commitment for accepted students. According to BSM Media research, an average of $800 worth of dorm- and college-bound products are purchased in the time between the days that acceptance letters go out to the day of high school commencement exercises. Moms and college bound students are both mutually excited about the next phase of life and ready to become part of the college community.

May is a great time for technology, dorm organization and dorm décor companies to launch their Back to Campus marketing and engagement. In 2016, BSM Media created and executed a successful campaign for At Home stores with a signature event called National College Move-In Week. Influencer marketing campaigns, in-store events and guerilla marketing tactics on college campuses were just a few of the online and offline efforts that drove traffic to At Home stores and built brand awareness on social media, to the tune of millions of impressions and engagements for the brand. Here are just a few ideas to take advantage of the money moms are spending getting their students ready for dorm and apartment life.

  • Graduation gifting: It’s a great time to use social media to suggest graduation gifts, not only to moms but also grandparents, aunts and siblings. Food providers like Chipotle, Five Guys and Starbucks have the opportunity to push gift card sales.
  • Technology: Every mom wants to send her student off to college with the newest technology and those large purchases make sense for gifting around graduation.   If you offer a college student discount, now is the time to communicate and perhaps extend it to students with acceptance letters. Retail sharing tactics are proven tools to reach collegiate consumers and their parents.
  • Pinterest Shopping: Time to beef up Pinterest boards. Students are eager to plan the look of their dorm room or apartment. They are searching now for ideas. Create boards that incorporate your product into the dorm or apartment environment.

Moms and their college-bound students are shopping now through move-in week in the fall. There is still time to implement BSM Media tactics. It’s an exciting time for students and parents, and a valuable opportunity for brands.

Marketing To Moms Now, In Non-Peak Seasons

When marketing to moms, most marketers think about a sales calendar and plan for the obvious peaks. However, there are many more opportunities to tap into moms’ spending budgets other than Christmas, Back to School and Easter. BSM Media knows what’s on moms’ minds and what’s on their to-do lists now to help you leverage opportunities to grow your brand’s bottom line.

BSM Media offers several tactics that don’t require a huge spend on ad campaigns or a long lead, including Social Spotters, video reviews, social media tours and Twitter Parties that leverage the speed and flexibility inherent in social media. Social media campaigns also convey a valuable message that resonates with today’s busy moms: brands that understand the “Mom Calendar” are brands that understand moms.

From now through July, start speaking to the circles on moms’ calendars with these opportunities:

  1. School Parties and Teacher Gifts: The end of the school year is right around the corner, which means end-of-year celebrations. For brands that offer catering and party supply items, this is a great opportunity to offer easy solutions for moms to organize class parties. Teacher gifts are also a popular topic in the carpool line. Brand alignments in this category are abundant. Think pampering gifts, pool or beach items, gift cards for restaurants and clothing brands, etc. BSM Media’s Social Spotters program drives traffic to retail locations where mom influencers will highlight party and gift ideas for almost any product imaginable.
  2. Kindergarten graduation: Millennial Moms celebrate everything and this is certainly a big milestone. This youngest generation of moms is spending on gifts, photo items, clothing and food for celebrations around this special day.
  3. Back to Campus: May and June are busy months as many high school seniors commit to their colleges of choice. It’s an exciting time for both college-bound millennials and their parents. The excitement leads to college dorm and apartment shopping, to the tune of $800 average per student based on a survey by BSM Media. Research also shows that 48% of all college décor items are purchased in May and June by parents and students eager to prepare for their new home away from home. If you are a brand with an interest in Back to Campus sales, BSM Media can help you reach college-bound millennials.
  4. Summer Stockpiling: Every mom is looking forward to warmer weather and many are now preparing for summer activities. Moms in Florida typically fill Easter baskets with bathing suits and beach towels along with chocolate bunnies. Having known this last week would have opened the door to unique marketing opportunities. It’s not too late as northern moms are just ramping up their summer spending now looking for spring attire, bathing suits and flip flops for their families. They are also looking for organizational items to store winter coats and warm clothing.
  5. Outdoor Dining: Moms change their cooking habits when the weather warms up and school ends for summer break. Families turn to the grill and outdoor dining. If you are a food brand that lends itself to grilling, share recipes on your Facebook page and engage moms to share with other followers.
  6. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: These are not exactly non-peak holidays, considering that US spending on Mother’s Day reached $24.6 billion and Father’s Day topped $14.3 billion (National Retail Federation) in 2016. Brand opportunities are too lengthy to list; you know who you are if your brand appeals to moms and dads.

It’s all about knowing what moms are doing in their day-to-day lives. While peak holidays are critical, taking a good look at moms’ calendars is an excellent way to capitalize on non-peak but equally important holidays that can boost brand awareness and the bottom line.

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Sampling Opportunity: MomSelect Swag Suite

Influencer Product Sampling: The MomSelect Swag Suite is back!

The MomSelect Swag Suite is traveling to Orlando, Florida this year! Headlined by HP and MyPrintly, the MomSelect event will gather more than 200 top Social Media Mom Influencers. Attendees of the invitation-only event, which takes place during BlogHer*, will receive an exclusive MomSelect Swag Bag which can feature YOUR product.

Whether you represent snacks, toys or tech, it’s a great way to gain visibility at one of the most highly anticipated events of the season:

  • 200+ attendees expected
  • Non-perishable packaged goods, coupons and accompanying collateral are welcome
  • Ability to contribute one product or vary to include several items across a product line

FAQ’s about the MomSelect Swag Suite:

Where and when does the MomSelect Swag Suite take place?
The MomSelect Swag Suite will be open on Friday, June 23rd from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek located at 14651 Chelonia Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32821.

Who attends the Swag Suite*?
BSM Media invites members of MomSelect who are attending the popular blogger conference to visit the MomSelect Swag Suite. Due to demand, we have to cap participants at 200 mom bloggers.

What is the requirement necessary to participate?
It’s simple and turn-key. It only requires paying a small fee, the cost of shipping** and a minimum of 200 samples for moms.

Can you offer exclusivity by category
Yes, we can give brands category exclusivity, however, participation is first-come, first-serve.

Contact BSM Media today for additional information: or call (954) 943-2322 Ext 3# and speak to Laura. Please note that space is limited and BSM Media reserves the right to approve your inclusion.

Additional Sampling Opportunity: Email about Beaches Resorts Social Media on the Sand 2017 conference sponsorships and sampling opportunities.


*The MomSelect Swag Suite is not an official conference event, nor is BSM Media affiliated with BlogHer.
**All items must be sent directly to the event venue in Orlando. Detailed shipping instructions will be provided.

Move over “Selfies”- Meet the “Store Shelfie”: the Marketing Tactic Creating Sales for Brands

Retail Shelfies Expose the Best of Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Your product has finally hit the shelves of Target, Walmart, CVS or other retailers. After months spent in development, packaging and buyer meetings, you’re faced with the biggest challenge yet; driving consumers to stores to buy your product. Meet BSM Media’s Social Spotters, a diverse network of social influencers who seek out a brand’s product on the shelf and post a selfie with the product on Instagram, ultimately creating the “Retail Shelfie.” BSM Media’s Social Spotters network is made up of moms, dads, Millennials, and Gen Z influencers!

“Retail Shelfies” are successful for many reasons:

  • Brands engage with top Instagrammers AND promote the retail locations that carry the product
  • Social Spotters programs can be customized to geographic markets across the U.S.
  • Brands can select influencers by demographic profile
  • Social Spotters programs can be targeted to a specific retailer or retailers
  • Brands also see how their product is displayed on store shelves.

BSM Media has launched dozens of Social Spotter campaigns over recent months producing exceptional results for brands representing everything from toys to foods to electronics. A typical campaign can produce more than 500,000 social media impressions on Instagram and other social media platforms.

To learn more about Social Spotters, email or visit