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Influences in Mom Marketing over Last Five Years

In this video, Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media, author, Mom Talk Radio host and co-founder of, talks about how the last five years have changed how companies should market to the powerful consumer group known as Moms. From the explosive growth and influence of social media like Twitter, Facebook and Skype to the emergence of the Frugalista Mom, companies need to use these changes to evaluate their plans and strategies when marketing to moms.

The Power of Social Media Moms

Learn how to market with social media moms, a new generation of moms who go beyond blogs with video, Twitter, Facebook and more to influence decisions of friends, both offline and online.

Marketing with Moms Webinar: January 20, 2010

This webinar , the first in a series of live video sessions scheduled for this year, focuses on trends for 2010, as well as important points and reminders about marketing with Moms. Also included is valuable and interesting research that we recently conducted with more than 1,000 moms across the US.

To download the Powerpoint Summary of this Webinar, click here: MomTV Webinar (M2M) by Maria Bailey 1-20-10.

Marketing to Moms Video Series

Mom Engagement Expert Maria Bailey offers this four-part video series of tips and strategies to reach the influential Mom Market. Video topics include Using video, offline strategies, Using Twitter and Marketing With Moms.